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SeJames Humphrey Sr. 

Founder & Visionary



SeJames Humphrey, founder and visionary of Into the Sunset Productions, LLC.  SeJames is a model, actor, writer, producer and director, who launched Into The Sunset Productions in hopes of creating and filming his own projects by telling stories that have yet to be told. Inspired by his little league football coach Ed Johnson, he wrote and produced his first documentary also titled "Into The Sunset".  That documentary sparked a huge flame within and motivated SeJames to write a script that will be filmed as coach Johnson’s biopic. Having grown frustrated at the lack of opportunities for African American actors like him in the central Arkansas and surrounding areas; SeJames took matters into his own hands.  He began writing more scripts, and purchased his own cameras and equipment, to film his projects.  His sole purpose, is to give other actors many opportunities to be in future projects, films, and series.

SeJames is a 2004 graduate of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas.  He holds an Associate of Arts Degree in Business, Associate of Arts Degree in African American Male Christian Leadership, Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, and a Master of Degree in Business Administration.

He is an avid lover of fitness, health, wealth, and a devoted father to his children.

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