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St. Patrick

Gerald St. Patrick serves as actor, recording artist, choreographer, and creative director, as well as assisting with casting for Into The Sunset Productions, LLC.  Before teaming up with Into The Sunset, he has put in work in the entertainment industry as an independent contractor developing models, dancers, managing recording artists, and even being a former signed artist himself.


Gerald has a strong background in entertainment from managing, promoting, and marketing. He has collaborated with several promoters, marching band directors, and dance directors in planning a variety of community events through the southeast and southwest markets. Gerald has a vision and goal of giving marching bands and dance teams major exposure  He feels indebted to the state of Oklahoma in which he managed several national artists, along with coaching a dance, baton, and flag corp. He also marketed and booked artists for a night club. Gerald has interned with Rap A lot Records, SoSo Def Recordings, and Def Jam Recordings. Most recently, Gerald has worked as an event coordinator and promoter for the popular Lifetime television series Bring It, worked on the WE tv television series Beyond the Pole, and he worked on the 2019 B2K Millennium Tour scouting dancers. Gerald has collaborated on several projects with Dianna "Coach D" Williams, and is now preparing for The 2021 Bucking or Die Training Camp and Summer Slam Tour. In addition, he is also embarking on his first feature film project.


Born and raised in Greenville, Mississippi, Gerald is a graduate of Simmons High School where he served as a musician and Drum Major. While in the marching band, he had two mentor in Delores Hodges and The Late Great Leon Powell Sr.  They were instrumental in helping Gerald find his talent. He later went on to attend Mississippi Valley State University where he served as a freshman Drum Major and played the trumpet and french horn. Gerald is a 2020 graduate of Mississippi Valley State University. Gerald has a strong passion for working with youth. He has once said "why should I give up on them when no one gave up on me?" He is a former Assistant Band Director and Auxiliary Director of Frederick A. Douglass High School in Oklahoma City. Gerald has worked in the Mental Health And Education field for over 13 years. He has a strong passion for music and performing arts, helping others, and seeing others win. He loves his family and friends. His motto is Do it or someone else will!

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